Ghibli II



Maserati presents a new evolution of the Biturbo with the Ghibli II, which takes the prestigious name of the 1967 coupe (C35).

The 90 ° V6 and its two turbos benefit from 10 years of development. Offered with two displacements: 2l / 306hp for Italy and 2.8l / 281hp for the rest of the world.

It will have an automatic gearbox from 1994.

We find the lines of the Biturbo worked by Gandini with in particular a very high trunk.

Maserati enters Ghibli in the race: the Ghibli Cup. This resulted in the 330 hp Ghibli Cup and Open Cup. In 1997, the special Ghibli “Primatist” series paid tribute to Bruno Abbate's record on his boat powered by Maserati.

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