450S GP Venezuela



The top of the range of S-series is the 450 S, developed by G. Taddeucci for the engine and V. Colotti for the chassis and transmission, under the direction of Giulio Alfieri, in 1956.
The 4.5l in-line V8 produces 400 hp at 7200 rpm and can reach 320 km / h !!

She entered the legend by winning her first race, the 12 hours of Sebring, driven by Fangio and Behra and accumulated 23 victories in total.

This model is a reproduction of the Behra / Moss / Shell 450S at the Venezuelan GP 57, during which a series of accidents prevented the Maseratis from finishing.
Despite Maserati's withdrawal from competition in '57, she raced as a private team until 1964.

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