Two years after the coupe's release, the open-top version of the Granturismo was presented in Frankfurt in 2009. It will take the name of Granturismo Convertible for the USA and GranCabrio for the rest of the world.

Breaking with the tradition of the "Spider" (or spyder since the 4200) at Maserati, this is a convertible: it keeps the length of the chassis and the comfortable 4-seater cabin, thus preserving the line of the car signed Pininfarina.

Undoubtedly the most beautiful discoverable since the Ghibli Spider, the splendid line of the GranCabrio is further ennobled in the perfectly successful exercise of removing the top from a "Diva" !!!

The configuration of the "S Automatica" is chosen: V8 / 4.7l / 440 hp engine, ZF gearbox, Skyhook suspensions and 20-inch "Trident" rims.

The interior wrapped in leather, wood and metal invites you to travel ...

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