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Alfa Roméo 8C Spyder


Designed by Alfa Romeo, the 8C Competizione derives directly from the concept car which aroused admiration at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show and it called on the best technical and industrial resources of the Alfa-Maserati Sports Center.
It is inspired by the glorious past of the Manufacturer, whose values of technology and emotion it updates. Its name already evokes the great sporting tradition of Alfa Romeo: the acronym 8C characterized, in the 1930s and 1940s, cars equipped with the highly revolutionary eight-cylinder engine developed by designer Vittorio Jano. And “Competizione” is a tribute to the “6C 2500 competizione”, a sports coupe entrusted in 1950 to the legendary Fangio - Zanardi crew during the famous “Mille Miglia”.

Equipped with the M145 V8 (Ferrari-Maserati) which develops 450 hp, it benefits from a fluid and sensual coupe body. Only 500 copies produced.

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Alfa Roméo 8C Spyder


 Production :

 Race :




 Pilot :


 Engine :

8 Cyl en V

 Displacement :

4691 cm3

 Power :

450 ch // 7000 tr/min

 0 to 100 km/h :

 Maximum speed :

4.7 sec

296 km/h

 Coachbuilder/Designer :

Centro Stile Alfa

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