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Born from my passion for MASERATI, this collection aims to highlight the beauty of automobiles with the Trident,
through scale models in 1 / 43rd scale, going through their main technical characteristics and the history of MASERATI.


For this I create sets, a showroom, dioramas and a Race Track so that these wonders are always presented in their most beautiful setting.
All the technical data sheets of the vehicles have been checked by a specialist of the brand,
Alido "Maseramo Al" Fongione, whom I thank for his remarkable Maserati culture and the work put into controlling it.
He is one of the pillars of the excellent MASERATITUDE forum that I invite you to visit if, like me, you are addicted to MASERATI and want to exchange views with other enthusiasts of the brand.
This is not a model car buy / sell site, but I can answer your questions on this topic
as well as on the history of MASERATI or on a special model.
Take the time to dream ...

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Thanks a lot !

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