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By visiting my collection, you will discover or rediscover the history of MASERATI told through 500 miniature models at 1/43rd scale presented in a giant diorama. Each miniature is the subject of a complete file gathering the history of the model, its technical characteristics, photos of the miniature and the corresponding Maserati model, but also and above all, a 360° video of the miniature with the SOUND of its engine (don't forget to activate it) which is an important component of the brand's DNA!
All vehicle data sheets have been checked by a brand specialist,
Alido "Maseramo Al" Fongione, whom I thank for his remarkable knowledge of MASERATI and the work done to control it all.
It is one of the pillars of the excellent MASERATITUDE forum that I invite you to visit if, like me, you are a MASERATI enthusiast and want to talk to other brand enthusiasts. Thanks also to CLUB MASERATI FRANCE and ALFIERI magazine for their articles on my little museum.

This is not a site for buying/selling miniature cars, but I can answer your questions on this subject
as well as on the history of MASERATI or on a special model.

Take time to dream...

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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