6CS - 46



The first atmospheric Maserati was manufactured by Maserati from 1941 to 1945: the 6CS-41 (photo lower right).
It benefited from the 6-cylinder in-line, 1.5 liter, 2 overhead camshaft engine from the pre-war 6 CM but without the supercharger due to new regulations in the "Sport" category.
Its power was 90 hp with 3 double-barrel Weber carburettors.

In 1946, the 6CS-46, worthy heir to the 6CS-41, benefited from a tubular chassis, a different body with a vertical grille and the same engine pushed to 110 hp. Which makes it the real first car in the A6 series.
Mario Angiolini finished 3rd in Piacenza in 1947 (behind the 6CS-41!) And Felice Bonetto second in Pescara in 1947.

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