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450S Costin/Zagato


In 1957, the excellent performance of the 450S naturally destined it to race at the 24h of Le Mans.
A body was specially designed by the Englishman Costin and shaped by Zagato. It increased its aerodynamics but the heat of the engine in the cockpit was important.

Developed as a matter of urgency and ready for a week of the event, it was sorely lacking in fine tuning and had to abandon following a transmission failure after 32 laps of the famous Le Mans loop ...

Left for the USA, it was modified but never raced again.

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450S Costin/Zagato


 Production :

 Race :



24 h du Mans 1957

 Pilot :

S.Moss / H.Schell

 Engine :

8 Cyl en V

 Displacement :

4477 cm3

 Power :

400 ch // 7000 tr/min

 0 to 100 km/h :

 Maximum speed :


320 km/h

 Coachbuilder/Designer :

Costin / Zagato

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Leo Models

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