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250F GP Italia 1957 Bonnier


The Scuderia Centro Sud was a private racing team founded in Modena by Guglielmo "Mimmo" Dei and active in Formula 1 and sports car racing between 1956 and 1965.

Dei had been an amateur pilot in the 1930s. In the early 1950s, he opened a Maserati dealership in Rome. Anxious to maintain a relationship with motorsport, in 1956 he founded his own team. The name "Centro Sud" refers to the regions of Italy where its adopted and original towns are located. (Modena and Rome).

Over nine seasons, Scuderia Centro Sud competed in a total of 49 world championship rounds, featuring cars such as the Maserati 250F, various Maserati-powered Cooperes and, in the 1960s, a BRM P57. After a very promising start (they scored their first points in their debut with Luigi Villoresi), Centro Sud went on to gain a total of 24 points, mainly with Masten Gregory and Tony Maggs, but never won a race, with Gregory's third place at the 1957 Monaco Grand Prix as the team's best result.

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250F GP Italia 1957 Bonnier


 Production :

 Race :



GP Italie 1957

 Pilot :

Joachim Bonnier

 Engine :

6 Cyl en ligne

 Displacement :

2493 cm3

 Power :

270 ch // 8000 tr/min

 0 to 100 km/h :

 Maximum speed :


290 km/h

 Coachbuilder/Designer :


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