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Spider 150 GT


The 150GT by Fantuzzi is a unique car! Basically it was an A6GCS / 53, chassis Numero 2043 which was very successful in the hands of Luigi Musso.

Then 2043 was alternately equipped with the engine of the 250F, that of the 300S, remained a project in a corner of the workshop, then of the 150S of race after 18 months, and finally received its magnificent body of Fantuzzi, inspired by spider Frua.

Restored in 2006, it returns to its original colors and is equipped with a thunderous 200S engine delivering 190 HP !!

She has been walking ever since, in her ivory dress, to elegance contests around the world ...

@@@CS01XX (1).jpg
@@@CS01XX (2).jpg


Spider 150 GT


 Production :

 Race :




 Pilot :


 Engine :

4 Cyl en ligne

 Displacement :

1994 cm3

 Power :

190 ch // 7200 tr/min

 0 to 100 km/h :

 Maximum speed :


200 km/h

 Coachbuilder/Designer :


@@@CS01XX (3).jpg

Matrix Scale Models

@@@h01-A6 1500-02.jpeg
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