QP5 Collezione Cento



In 2008, Maserati declined the Quattroporte V in a special edition called “Collezione Cento” and produced in 100 copies.

The entire chassis, engine, transmission remains identical to the base model: V8 / 90 °, 400hp and 275 km / h peak.

On the aesthetic side, the beauty wears a magnificent pearly ivory color dress, polished rims with the most beautiful effect and a chrome grille.

The real difference is on the inside: Camel Poltrona Frau leather upholstery with diamond buttons and stitching; Of particular note is the impressive list of high-tech equipment: the rear center console has DVD players, auxiliary sockets, docking station, SIM card, USB sockets, laptop PC with keyboard and high-fidelity Bluetooth headset.

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