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Gransport Trofeo


The Trofeo Maserati (2003-2006) allows private drivers to compete and enjoy a mini endurance test (pit stop, change of drivers) on prestigious European circuits, at the opening of the F1, the FIA ​​GT, DTM or WCC.

These series are hotly contested because all the drivers have the same car prepared for the track (GT Coupés then Gransport) and only act on the suspension settings.

In 2004, journalist Vicky Butler-Anderson was the first female driver to win an event at Silverstone in a Trofeo Coupé in Zegna's colors. It will be imitated by model Jodie Kidd in December of the same year in Modena under pouring rain, aboard a Trofeo Coupé in Pirelli colors.

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Gransport Trofeo


 Production :

 Race :



Trofeo Maserati

 Pilot :

presentation model

 Engine :

8 Cyl en V

 Displacement :

4243 cm3

 Power :

430 ch // 7000 tr/min

 0 to 100 km/h :

 Maximum speed :

4.3 sec

300 km/h

 Coachbuilder/Designer :

G.Giugiaro (Ital Design)

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